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The Great Cypress Park/Glassell Park Walkabout happened on June 9, 2007.

Immediately following the event copies of the billboard inventory were sent to the appropriate City agencies, and assessments of needed repairs to sidewalks and street crossings were delivered to the City Council Districts. Those were some of the immediate benefits. But clearly the highlight of this event was the participation of so many residents on that hot June day who experienced and documented the walkability of their community. Additionally, scores of residents attended the preliminary workshops to learn what made streets walkable. For many, this was the first time they had walked particular portions of their neighborhood. And for most, the experience of looking intently at a small area in their community brought a new awareness and perspective to the place they call home.

Our desire to define the collected data and make useful assessments took on a life much larger than we originally envisioned. The follow-up has taken many turns and changes in focus. The features that make an area walkable can be described with a simple answer or a very complicated one. There is empirical data that can be measured, and there is also much subjective information with a variety of implied possibilities.

To do justice to the many who participated and the information they collected, we started thinking in terms of putting together a book and DVD with each chapter being a street section. We've added those beginning efforts to this website. Ultimately, we decided to let the information speak for itself. We have scanned all the worksheets, all relevant information, and all the early efforts to post on this website.

There is a timeliness to much of this information that no longer resonates with the same urgency. Still, the tasks which were not acted on immediately will continue as part of the slow grind of the City process.

Finally, the photos taken by Daniel Marlos are enduring. They create a historical document that captures a moment in time and space: Glassell Park/Cypress Park,

June 2007.
Rourk Reagan
Helene Schpak

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks to those who participated on the day of the Walkabout, those who attended the workshops and preparation meetings, and those who helped prior to and following the event. The names of some of the participants are listed below, but one and all are thanked for their efforts.

Thanks also to Gus Lizarde, past President of the Greater Cypress Park Neighborhood Council and Laura Gutierrez, past President of the Glassell Park Improvement Association for their leadership. Our three Councilmembers all threw their support behind us: Ed Reyes of CD1, Jose Huizar of CD14, and Council President Eric Garcetti of CD13. Assemblymember Anthony Portantino also provided his support. Special thanks are given to the following people for their work: Deborah Murphy Urban Design + Planning planned the event and ran educational workshops. Kathy Cerra of Kathy Cerra and Associates allowed us to include her StreetScape Master Plan and Guidelines. Pat Douglas and Toni Livingston compiled the complete billboard inventory for Cypress Park and Glassell Park. Zazu Faure designed our logo. In addition to the many wonderful photographers on the day of the event, Daniel Marlos shot the photo journal that covered every inch of every street we documented, and Francisco Patini and Rebecca Hildalgo took the photos of needed sidewalk repair on Arvia Street that were delivered to Council District 1. And a special thanks to Carlos Sosa for all of the hard work he did in putting this huge web site together.

Participants included:
Stephanie Allespach, Farooq Ameen, Margaret Arnold, Mary Baxter, Belia Bedoya, Diane Behrens, Antonio Bermudez, Jane Berner, Ken Bernstein, James Bond, Enci Box, Stephen Box, Judy Branfman, George Brauckman, Josef Bray-Ali, Carrie Bryden, Pilar Buelna, Art Camarillo, Fatima Cambero, Guadalupe Cambero, Jesus Cambero, Jose Cambero, Maria Cambero, Socorro Cambero, Denise Campos, Jennifer Castillo, Kathy Cerra, John Chase, Marian Chew, Helen Choi, Francisco Contreras, Mary Helen Cruz, Renee Dake Wilson, David Davis , Angie de la Trinidad, Tony Delazeri, David DeGrazia, Diane Doctor, Pat Douglas, Shirley Dow, Carrie Dryden, Lynne Dwyer, Howard Embry, Belen Eller, Mark Elliot, Martha Espelage-Alvarez, Dan Falcon, Gabriel Farran, Zazu Faure , Scott Folsom , Vicky Fong, Kelly Foster, Tim Foy, Brian Frobisher, Lisa Frobisher, Jose A. Furian, Emily Gabel-Luddy, Elizabeth Garcia, Maria E. Garcia, Nidia Garcia, John Geary, Lambert Giessinger, Lucy Gonzales, Pat Griffith, Laura Gutierrez, Martha Gutierrez, Marcus Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, Philip Halprin, Holly Harper, Felix Hernandez, Rebecca Hidalgo, Charlotte Hildebrand Harjo, Chris Howard, Belen Huizar, Rick Itomura, Helene Jacobs, Alison Jefferson, Steve Jefferson, Liz Jennings, Judy Kagan, Jim Keihl, Jason Kelleher, Kevin Keller, Gabi Kohpahl, Howard Kovensky, Stephanie Landregan, Brian Lane, Diana Lannes, Richard Lavin, Christian Lebano, Everett Littlefield, Mary Littlefield, Carmen Lira, Toni Livingston , Gus Lizarde, Bryan Lobel, Maggie Lopez, Agustin Lorenzo, Kinsey Lowe, Mike Lowry, Quyen Luong, Jose Alberto Macias, Tom Marble, David Marquez, Daniel Marlos, Alejandra Marroquin, Dorothy McCain, Nick McNally, Betsy Mines, Mitch O’Farrell, Jeannie Olander, Elizabeth Olivares, Marino Pascal, Frank Pasker, Francisco Patini, Patti Peckman, Marge Piane, Olivia Prebula, Elizabeth Preger, Maritza Przekop, Mark A. Quiroz, Nicole Ramirez, Karen Rath, Scott Reinhard, Guillermo Reyes, Melanie Roffol, James Rojas, Marsha Rood, Roseanne M. Rother, Kip Rudd, Robyn Salazar Valdez , Andrea Sanchez, Julio Sanchez, Marilyn Sanchez, Martha Sanchez, Cynthia Selezce, Francisco Sevillano, Susan Skommesa, Alisa Smith, Olivia Smith, Ryan Snyder, Kevin 4 Ugalde, Laura Ulgalde, Mario Villa, Ann Walnum, Craig Weber, Edith Weil, Pat Williams, Renee Wilson, Kate Wolf, and Robert Wymss.

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